Please Note: This offer is only available to new ShopBack customers and requires a minimum spend of $10. You will first receive the normal cashback rate on your order within a week. Your $10 bonus will then be later credited no later than 2 weeks from date of order. 





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    Terms & Conditions

    • This promotion is valid from 22 January, 12am AEDT for a limited time only.
    • This offer is only valid for new ShopBack customers, who have viewed this page (while logged in) prior to ordering. New ShopBack customers are defined as users who have not made a transaction via ShopBack before. 
    • To qualify for one $10 bonus, place an order of $10 or more (excluding delivery fees) from Target via ShopBack.
    • This $10 bonus is on top of the usual cashback you earn for Target. The usual cashback will added to your account first, then the bonus at a later date.
    • The $10 bonus will be credited to your account within 2 weeks of ordering.
    • Bonus cashback will appear in your pending earnings, however, you will need to earn an extra $10 cashback from purchases and ensure that the $10 is confirmed to withdraw the bonus cashback.
    • If your regular cashback is rejected (from returns, exchanges cancellations, using unapproved coupon codes and other T&C violations), then you will no longer be eligible for the bonus.
    • ShopBack reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.
    • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.
    • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other bonus offer, including, but not limited to, referral bonuses and sign up bonuses.