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When will I get my Cashback?

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Are you on a budget and do you want to save money and time? ShopBack app's gift cards from Hey You are the best ways to achieve your goal. Through the gift cards, you can skip the queue thereby saving time and you can save money with the cashback you receive from ShopBack. It is a double win for you! You can even gift it to your colleague who cannot do without her favorite coffee but doesn't get time to go and grab it when she needs it because of the queue. Gift her the Hey You gift card so she can pre-order and skip on the waiting while you enjoy the cashback received! It is as easy as availing a Hey You discount.

Hey You Gift Cards available

Do you love ShopBack offers and deals such as Hey You promo code? Then you will love the gift cards even more because you save and get to stay on a budget! There are three gift cards available from ShopBack from Hey You; $25, $50, and $100. These cards can be availed until their value comes to zero which means time to explore some new restaurants and cafes in Australia!

Gift Card AmountCashback
$25Temporary unavailable
$50Temporary unavailable
$100Temporary unavailable

When you purchase the Hey You gift cards from ShopBack, you receive 2.5% cashback instantly after your payment has been approved. You can withdraw your cashback to your PayPal account or through your bank account to use it like real cash. Or you can just let the cashback stay in your account until you are ready to go on a spending spree again! It is all up to you!

How to avail cashback on Hey You Gift Cards

You might be wondering how long it takes for the cashback to be credited to your ShopBack account after you purchase the Hey You gift card and how complicated the process is. First and foremost, the process is simple. Let us outline it for you. You need the ShopBack mobile app to view the gift cards and to avail the cashback. It can be found on the app store. You need to then create a new ShopBack account in case you don't have one at present. If you already do have one, then just sign into your account. Now just open the ShopBack app.
You will find a section called Super Store. You need to click on that and then select gift cards. Here you will see the details of all the different categories and the merchant gift cards that are available from ShopBack. Select Hey You gift cards to view a detailed list of gift card amounts and cashback. You need to then select the gift card you want to purchase. Then once this is done you can click on it and make your payment. This can be done in three ways. You can select a debit or credit card to pay. You can pay using cashback you have saved from earlier purchases. You can use a combination of the two methods to pay for the gift card or cards.
Once this is done your cashback will be sent to you!

About Hey You

Hey you is an order ahead platform and currently the top-most one in Australia. There are more than 800,000 Australians who order ahead with the app and counting. The number of orders placed will give you an idea of how many people depend on the app! So far, there have been more than 26 million orders that have been placed using the easy to use platform. The Hey You platform is managed by just over 25 people who love coffee more than anything else in the world! Hey You was formed after Posse, Beat the Q, and eCoffee Card, which were startups at that time, merged. This happened in 2015 and within a span of years Hey You has reached new milestones.
Hey You offices can be found in Sydney and Philippines with plans to expand further in the coming years. This includes expansion to new markets outside of Australia and Philippines. The Hey You app makes it convenient and easy for you to order in advance so you can skip the queues. When you are pressed for time this is one of the most efficient ways of saving time that is precious. Even if you are not in a rush, Hey You enables you to order ahead so you can do the work you have been assigned rather than waste time by standing in queues. You don't have to wait for hours anymore thanks to Hey You!

Delivery & Refund

You are charged a service fee when you place an order through the Hey You app. This applies to when you pay using Pay As You Go method. If you use the Top Up Payment method then you are not charged any service fee. Hey You allows you to make cashless payments with the help of your mobile wallet so you don't need to carry cash when you are eating out or grabbing a drink anymore. You can get the tax receipt as soon as you place your order. You also get instant loyalty benefits when you order through the Hey You app.
If your order has timed out when you will get a refund automatically. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 days for your refund to show on your bank statement. If you want to re-order then you can do so after a few minutes. Sometimes, your order might be rejected by the venue due to problems such as with their equipment. This can happen when the particular item is out of stock or when the time for that meal has finished or some other reason. If this happens, then you will know about it. In such a case, you will get a refund automatically too.

Customer Service

Do you want help because something didn't go as planned when you were using the Hey You app? Or do you have any general queries about Hey You? You can reach the customer support team of Hey You with chat suppor that is available on their website. This enables you to get instant answers to your urgent and not-so-urgent question. If you don't want an urgent reply or you don't have time for live chat then you can send an email directly to Hey You at [email protected] You can also submit a request by a link that is provided on the website.