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Terms & Conditions

ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites),Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to FitFlop every time you are making a new transaction,Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities to game/cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited

  • Clickthrough ShopBack again if there's any error

  • Read Other Terms and Conditions below

  • Use only promo codes from ShopBack

  • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

  • Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated

  • Returns, exchanges & cancellations

  • Store app bookings

Promo Cashback FitFlop

You can earn 0.00% on your FitFlop orders when you shop through ShopBack.

How to redeem your FitFlop Cashback on ShopBack:

  1. Sign up for an account. You can also download the mobile app for shopping on the go.
  2. After signing up, you can login and start using on either the browser and mobile app.
  3. Look for FitFlop store on ShopBack, you can either search for it on the search bar or browse on the homepage.
  4. Click on the Shop Now button. A pop-up will appear and you will be redirected to the FitFlop website. Please do not close the tab or your cashback will not be tracked.
  5. Shop and complete your order within the same tab so that ShopBack can track your purchase and the amount spent.
  6. After you have completed a transaction and you would like to make another order, you will need to click through ShopBack again.
  7. Repeat this process starting from ShopBack website or App every time you make a purchase.

How long does it take to get my cashback from FitFlop?

It can take up to 48 hours for your cashback to be tracked and reflected in your ShopBack account. Your Pending Cashback will take between 1 to 120 days to be validated by FitFlop and the amount claimed varies for different categories or products .

Can I withdraw my cashback?

Once you have accumulated a minimum amount of cashback in your account, there are 2 ways to withdraw - Transfer to your Bank account or to your PayPal account. You can only withdraw cashback from your account once you reached a minimum amount of AUD$10 confirmed cashback in your Available Balance. Your withdrawal request will then be processed and the cashback will be deposited into you preferred account within 3 - 5 working days.

Fitflop (Shoes Made for Living In) Fitflop is one of the leading footwear brands in Australia. They are focused on style and comfort. The brand introduced Microwobbleboard which as a triple-density midsole, making it the most comfortable footwear in the world. Their R&D team has studied body movements and engineered the shoes to provide maximum comfort and proper body alignment. Every pair is made with a different technology with no compromise on style. Therefore, they are called “smart shoes”. With every pair, Fitflop vows to deliver fearlessness, fun, and functionality. In 2016, Fitflop received the “Most Admired Emerging Footwear Brand of the Year” award. Take advantage of a Fitflop coupon and enroll in the best walking experience of your life! History Fitflop was founded in 2007 by Marcia Kilgore in London, United Kingdom. It garnered tremendous growth with its footwear technology and superlight ergonomics. The brand first studied and tested this technology at Salford University and London South Bank University in the UK, before introducing it in the market. They took the advice of expert biomechanists to perfect every pair of shoes.