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Refer-a-Friend Programme Terms & Conditions:

ShopBack rewards you with a $30 bonus for every qualified referral*.

*A "qualified referral” refers to the status of your referral after completion of the following: (i) signs up via your unique referral link OR unique referral code OR unique e-mail address, (ii) makes an accumulated minimum spend of $20 stated or more through ShopBack (iii) has their Cashback of $10 confirmed (iv) has their Cashback withdrawal method of choice details filled.

It is only upon completion of all of the above within 180 days from friend sign up date that a referral will be considered "qualified". Additional information for each points above: i.i) Your referred friend must sign up via a unique device (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet) to prevent having their referral bonus forfeited. ii.i) Any order that does not earn Cashback, or is cancelled, exchanged, or refunded, will not count towards the minimum spend.

The status of your referral bonus will appear as ‘Pending’ in both accounts once your referred friend signs up. The status of your referral bonus will move to ‘Confirmed’ once your referred friend meets all the criteria highlighted above within 180 days from friend sign up date. The status of your referral bonus may take up to 48 hours to update to ‘Confirmed’ from the moment all criteria is met.

The status of your referral bonus may move to 'Rejected' if all criteria is not met within 180 days from friend sign up date. The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities that are not permitted and that will disqualify you from earning referral bonuses: (i) self-referral,  (ii) posting your referral link on any ShopBack merchant's Facebook or forum page,  (iii) disguising your referral link as a generic link and populating it within web pages,  (iii) keyword bidding for the purpose of generating traffic to pages containing your referral link, and  (iv) any similar activity determined by ShopBack in its sole discretion to be inconsistent with the purpose of ShopBack's Refer-a-Friend Program.

ShopBack reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to amend and vary the terms and conditions of this programme as set out above, as well as to disqualify any users at any point of time. Any infringement of the above terms and conditions would result in the loss of all bonuses. Repeat offences would result in the closure of your ShopBack account.