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8% CashbackWas 4.2% Cashback

Cashback Rates

  • Standard Cashback8%
When will I get my Cashback?
Tracked In
Claim In
2 days
120 days after travel

Cashback exclusions

We calculate Cashback based on the purchase price, excluding:

  • These items are not eligible for Cashback:
    • Overseas booking is not eligible for cashback.
  • Fees
  • Taxes
  • Service charges
  • Booking fees
  • Credit card charges

This Cashback deal is not valid together with:

  • Any Gift Card, Voucher or store credit purchase
  • Any Gift Card or Voucher redemption
  • Other loyalty programmes unless otherwise stated
  • Vouchers or Promo codes not featured on our platform

Any exceptions will be at the store's discretion.

Terms and conditions

Cashback tracking

  • Cashback is available only if you visit the AVIS website via our platform.
  • AVIS can only confirm to us that a booking is recorded if you accept all cookies that appear on their pages.
  • Your Cashback may be tracked at a different rate initially and adjusted to the correct rate when we confirm the transaction details.

Refunds, cancellations and no-shows

  • No-shows and any booking changes that lead to a change in the booking ID will not be eligible for Cashback.
  • We can only track your Cashback if you show up for your booking.

General disclaimers

  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders or activities to game or cheat the Cashback system will be banned and Cashback forfeited. ShopBack reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any users at any point of time.
  • Any infringement of the above terms and conditions would result in the loss of all bonuses. A repeat offence would result in the closure of your ShopBack account.

Cashback tracking tips

  • Always return to this platform and click through to AVIS for every new transaction. Make sure the link on our platform is the last link you use to visit the AVIS website.
  • Don't click on any third party links or extensions or use any adblocking software, as they could result in your Cashback not being tracked. Some examples include: Facebook ads, Google Ads, other loyalty or cashback extension links.
  • For AVIS, always clear your cart before using the link from this platform. Items already in the cart when you visit from a link on our platform will not be tracked for Cashback.
  • If you encounter payment errors during your purchase, you should re-start your visit to the AVIS website from this platform to ensure that your Cashback continues to be tracked.

Special notes from store

  • Cashback is not applicable for bookings made via the AVIS app.
  • Cashback will be credited only for eligible and completed travel
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More about AVIS

Services provided by Avis

Looking for a car to hire? Use an Avis coupon code to get attractive discounts. And what better? You can choose your vehicle as well. Avis owns a huge fleet of vehicles that it provides for rent. They also offer airport transfer services. You can choose depending on your location or depending on the vehicle you are looking for. You can choose your vehicle location-wise depending on whether you are in Perth or Sydney. You can also make a choice depending on the vehicle, irrespective of your location.Avis has a special signature series for people who have dreamed of driving a Mercedes or BMW. Use your Avis code 2018 to get discounts on these luxury cars. There is also the Avis Preferred service for people looking for priority service. Avis offers commercial vehicles on rent as well, for people planning to travel in a group. Avis truck hire and Avis van hire are ideal for you if you are looking looking for logistic options to transport your stuff. Take a look at the product categories and subcategories, to get a better idea of what Avis offers:

Car & Services Car guide, Commercial vehicles, Avis Signature Series, Business Reward Programs, Rewards Partners Products and Services
LocationsAll Australia Locations, Top Airport Car Rental Locations, All Global Locations
Avis Services

Payment Options

You cannot make the payment unless your ride is complete as it depends on a number of factors. It depends on the whether you have opted for ‘unlimited kilometres or ‘fixed kilometres per day/week/month . Also, the estimated charges shown at the time of booking does not include fuel charges. ‘Time is another factor that is calculated when it comes to the final bill. You will be charged extra if you are not able to return the vehicle on time. What you get to see on the website at the time of booking is the base rental fee for the vehicle you have chosen and that usually stays fixed. You will be required to make a part prepayment at the time of the start of your journey. These are the methods of payments accepted by Avis:
Cash/ Traveller s Cheque: You can pay with cash or a traveller s cheque after the completion of your ride. Money order or a personal cheque will not be accepted.
Debit or Credit Cards: You can use your MasterCard or Visa debit/credit card to make your payments as well. Avis also accepts American Express or Diners Club credit card.
Avis will put a hold of $400 on your card which is over the rental fees. The unused amount will be returned to you.
Do not forget to use your Avis coupon code 2018 to avail discount on the rental price.

Avis Discount Codes and Deals

There is a ‘Deals section at the header of the home page. Click on it to get the latest ‘Avis special offers . You will also find Avis discount coupons on ShopBack.
AVIS Deals

How to Redeem Avis Voucher Codes?

Redeeming an Avis discount code is easy. All you need to do is enter your Avis promo code at the time of your booking.
On the booking dialogue box, you will get the option to enter Avis codes. Enter the code to enjoy an attractive Avis discount.
How to Rent a Car with Avis Discount Codes

How to Shop at Avis using ShopBack?

You can look for Avis discount coupons 2018 on ShopBack. ShopBack also offers up to 4.90% Avis cashback when you make a booking on Avis using ShopBack. Here is what you need to do to be eligible for the cashback:
Step 1: Visit the ShopBack website and type ‘Avis on the search bar and click on the displayed result.
Step 2: Now click on the ‘Activate Cashback on the top left-hand corner of the new page.
Step 3: You can check for Avis coupons 2018 on the right-hand side of the page. Click on ‘Get Deal .
Step 4: You will now get redirected to the Avis website. Opt for an Avis rental to earn cashback.
Please ensure that you use an Avis voucher that is approved by ShopBack to earn cashback. Also, this cashback is not available when you book via the Avis mobile app.

Cancellation Policy

You can easily cancel or modify your bookings online. You can call the Avis customer care 02 9353 9000 for more details.

Customer Service

For any queries or assistance you can always call on the number mentioned above. You can also email Avis and send your feedback. Click on ‘Avis Support at the footer of the website for more details.
Follow Avis on social media for Avis sales and Avis offers:
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