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Alibaba Cloud Voucher & Coupons for August 2020

2.80% Cashback
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Alibaba Cloud offers reliable and secure cloud computing services and solutions at competitive prices.2.80% CashbackOngoing
More about Alibaba Cloud

Pay As You Use With Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides cloud computing products and services to customers all over the world. It is one of the fastest growing cloud services providers. It provides options for pay-as-you-go services as well. You can find e-commerce solutions, cloud storage solutions, online to offline solutions and gaming solutions for enterprises.

Products Sold On Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud offers a versatile set of cloud computing products and services. Alibaba Cloud services and products include elastic computing products, management products, security products, storage products, and much more.
  • Elastic Computing: Auto scaling, E-HPC, Dedicated Host, Super Computing Cluster, and more.
Alibaba Product
  • Storage & CDN: Dynamic Route for CDN, Data Transport, Cloud Storage Gateway, and more.
Alibaba Storage
  • Networking: Cloud Enterprise Network, VPN Gateway, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic IP, and more.
Alibaba Networking
  • Database Services: Data Transmission Service, ApsaraDB for Redis, HybridDB for PostgreSQL, and more.
Alibaba Database
  • Security: Anti-Bot Service, Server Guard, Content Moderation, Threat Detection Service, and more.
Alibaba Secruity
  • Monitoring & Management: Key Management Service, Resource Access Management, and more.
Alibaba Monitoring
  • Domains & Websites: Domains, Web-Hosting and Alibaba Cloud DNS.
Alibaba Domains
  • Analytics & Big Data: Data Lake Analytics, Quick BI, E-MapReduce and more.
Alibaba Analytics
  • Application Service: Log Service, DirectMail, and more.
Alibaba Application
  • Media Services: ApsaraVideo Live and more.
Alibaba Media Services
  • Middleware: Application Configuration Management, Enterprise Distributed Application Service, and more.
Alibaba Middleware
  • Cloud Communication: Short message service.
Alibaba Cloud
  • Apsara Stack: Apsara Stack.
Alibaba Apsara Stack
  • Internet Of Things: IoT Platform
Alibaba Internet Of Things
Product CategoryProduct Type
Elastic ComputingSimple Application Server, Container Service, Resource Orchestration Service, Dedicated Host, Function Compute, Elastic GPU Service, ECS Bare Metal Instance, Server Load Balancer, Batch Compute, Container Registry, Elastic Compute Service, Super Computing Cluster, E-HPC, Container Service for Kubernetes, Auto Scaling
Storage & CDNDynamic Route For CDN, Table Store, Network Attached Storage, Hybrid Backup Recovery, Alibaba Cloud CDN, Data Transport, Cloud Storage Gateway, Object Storage Service, Hybrid Cloud Storage Array
NetworkingServer Load Balancer. VPN Gateway. NAT Gateway. Smart Access Gateway. Elastic IP. Virtual Private Cloud. Cloud Enterprise Network. Express Connect
Database ServicesApsaraDB for Redis, Data Transmission Service, HybridDB For PostgreSQL, Distributed Relational Database Service, ApsaraDB Product Overview, High-Performance Time Series Database, ApsaraDB For MongoDB, ApsaraDB For Memcache, ApsaraDB For RDS
SecurityManaged Security Service, Anti-DDoS Pro, Threat Detection Service, SSL Certificate Service, Web Application Firewall, Anti-Bot Service, Website Threat Inspector, GameShield, Anti-DDoS Basic, Content Moderation, Server Guard
Monitoring & ManagementResource Access Management, ActionTrail, CloudMonitor, Key Management Service
Domains & WebsitesDomains, Web Hosting, Alibaba Cloud DNS
Analytics & Big DataMaxCompute, Image Search, Dataphin, Data Integration, Elasticsearch, DataV, Machine Learning Platform For AI, E-MapReduce, Data Lake Analytics, Quick BI, Intelligent Service Robot, DataWorks
Application ServiceAPI Gateway, DirectMailk Message Servicek Log Service
Media ServicesApsaraVideo For Media Processing, ApsaraVideo Live
MiddlewareApplication Configuration Management, Enterprise Distributed Application Service, Application Real-Time Monitoring Service, Message Queue
Cloud CommunicationShort Message Service
Apsara StackApsara Stack
Internet Of ThingsIoT Platform

How To Shop At Alibaba Cloud

You must register at Alibaba Cloud and then you can purchase products and services. You need to select the product and then click on ‘Buy . You should then add the billing address, choose a payment method and then create an instance. Shopping at Alibaba Cloud is a breeze.

Payment Options At Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud requires that you enter your credit card details or your PayPal details to authenticate that you are really you. You can enter your Visa card or MasterCard details and then authenticate yourself. At first, USD 1 will be deducted from your account which will get refunded within a span of 24 hours. When you are buying products from Alibaba Cloud, you can pay using credit cards or Paypal.

Alibaba Cloud Deals And Offers

You can get a 15% discount on 1-year subscription on Alibaba Cloud. There is a ‘Special Offer section under ‘Why Us where you can get the information on the latest deals on Alibaba Cloud products. You can receive coupons for Alibaba Cloud products and services when you invite your friends and they join Alibaba Cloud. You get to try over 40 products for free too. You can find a ‘Promotions section where you can find promotional deals on a plethora of products and services. You can find Alibaba Cloud coupon codes on third party coupon websites as well.

How To Redeem Alibaba Cloud Promotion Codes

The promotion codes that you can use and other deals can be viewed on the website itself. You will be able to see the details in the ‘Support section or on the homepage.

How To Shop On Alibaba Cloud Using ShopBack

n get 2.80% cashback when you shop on Alibaba Cloud through ShopBack. You should create a ShopBack account first as your cashback will be sent there. You can then follow the procedure specified in ShopBack to activate cash back. For this, you can read the terms and conditions of ShopBack. You can receive an Alibaba Cloud coupon and other amazing deals to save on your purchase when you shop through ShopBack.

Alibaba Cloud Customer Service

When you have any queries about the Alibaba Cloud server or any products, you can call on 1800291018 or +61283798028. You can call at any time as the customer service is available 24/7. There is a ‘Contact Us section available where you can chat online with customer support executives. You can contact sales, technical support and even post a suggestion you might have. There is an online form available where you can send your query.
You can follow Alibaba Cloud on the following social media handles to keep an eye out for thier latest products and services, as well as an Alibaba Cloud coupon, discounts and offers: